Frequently Asked Questions and Gardening Tips

1Where are you located and can I shop on site?
We are located on Ganaraska Rd. west of Garden Hill and East of Kendal. Yes you can buy on site. Click here to find us on Google Maps
2What forms of payment do you accept?
Online we accept PayPal. In-store we accept cash and credit card.
3How do I plant my shrubs, trees or evergreens?
For the size of the hole it is recommended to dig the hole 1.5x the diameter of the pot and 1x the depth. For example if the diameter of the pot is 8" and the depth is 10" I would dig the hole 12" wide and around 10" deep. If you are planting trees then width can be much wider to establish a strong root system. Another thing to remember is to keep the black top soil from the top of the hole and remove all the clay (grayish soil below) and replace the clay with the black top soil and mix in some compost/ aged manure with some good quality black soil. Please ensure that the top of the root ball is at the level of the top of the soil, if these are planted deeper than the original height this can severely stunt the plant or even kill it. Another good thing to do is to use a transplant fertilizer such as: Parkwood Transplanter 5-15-5 fertilizer. I would recommend this for the first month after you plant it and you can then use an all purpose fertilizer thereafter. As the plants are establishing (rooting into the ground) it is very important to keep the trees quite moist as they will dry out fairly quickly until roots are established. On hot days after planting they should be watered daily for the first 2-3 weeks. After that check the soil and water as needed, do not let them dry out. Another thing that helps to prevent it from drying out is using about 2" layer of mulch on top of the ground but don't bury your plants in mulch especially around the trunk of the trees. To help trees overwinter better it is recommended to water them in heavily in late fall right before the winter weather hits. This helps the tree survive the warming periods as it keeps the roots frozen in and prevents them from thinking it is spring.
4How do I grow Roses?
Roses prefer a sunny well drained location, do not plant in spot where water drains over it or it sits in water. They like black top soil mixed with an all purpose potting mix to promote better drainage. As the rose is flowering remember to remove the spent blooms to ensure more flowers, this is done by pruning right below the flower. For newly Transplanted Roses use Parkwood Transplanter 5-15-5 fertilizer to help promote a strong root system. Then you can switch to Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Rose Plant Food and follow directions on the box during the growing season and again in spring once new growth appears.
5Should I stake my trees?
Staking is only really required if the tree starts bending or is being blown out of its spot due to high winds. These trees should not require staking and I would recommend if the wind is blowing over a bit to straighten them up and pack in the soil more around the roots until it is establish. This will make a stronger tree in the end.


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