December 14, 2020
Morning Glory – Black Knight
December 14, 2020

Perennial Wildflower Mix


This premium mix is a blend of 19 hardy wildflower varieties, including daisies, black-eyed Susan’s, lupines, penstemon, Mexican hat, and of course, purple coneflower. This is the mix for the serious wildflower gardener that doesn’t mind waiting a year for the really big blooms. (Most perennials need to go thru a winter after germination before they start to flower really well).

Full mix list enclosed We recently added California Poppy and Clasping Coneflower to the mix, (both are repeating annuals) to serve as marker plants to show planting locations and to give color in the first season!

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Best planted in full sun but will take some shade

To plant – scatter onto prepared area late fall or early spring

Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies

Up to 100 seeds per package depending on variety


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