Our property maintenance services include:

Weekly or bi-weekly lawn cuts:
Cut 2-3” depending on lawn conditions
Clippings left on lawn to improve soil conditions
Cut direction change to reduce soil compaction
Requires Site Visit
Annuals & perennials planting
Wide variety of shrub options to brighten up landscape
Trees of varying sizes for increased property value & curb appeal
Requires Site Visit
Increase curb appeal
Retain moisture and keep roots cool
Suppress weed growth
Requires Site Visit
Pruning of shrubs and small trees (spring)
Edging gardens
Raking matted lawns
Removal of leaves and branches
Cutting down and clearing perennials & grasses (fall)
Requires Site Visit

3D Garden Design & Installation Services

Service Area Pickering to Brighton & north to Peterborough:
1 hour site consult (travel time included), 3D design copy, list of plants
Outside service area:
1 hour site consult (travel time included)
3D design copy
list of plants
Based on scope of design
Call for a quote

Tree & Shrub Planting Services

Please call to provide you with a custom quote.


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